“Can a Celestian eat Salah meat and celebrate with muslims”

Can a Celestian eat Salah meat and celebrate with muslims😁

Many celestians have often asked this question especially those who had Muslim background or family before converting to the fold of christ in celestial fold.

Actually a celestian can eat Salah meat and celebrate with muslims, their friends and family on their Salah occasions or even events such as nikkai or so.

SBJ Oshoffa made it known to some celestial youths during his lifetime whom posed the question that what’s the place of the muslims in heaven. He told that they are also recognized by God and hence Celestians should treat them well.

If they need water for ablutions or mat for prayers we should endeavor to give them as well.

The scriptures itself admonishes us to owe noone anything but love,
Love should be the ultimate in our doings and our expressions to all mankind for God is love

Hence If you are still in doubt about eating Salah meat or going to a Muslim occasion, you are free to rejoice with your Muslim brothers and family.

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