“Why Prophets Give Wrong Messages”

Understanding Why Prophets Give Wrong Messages

The importance and impact of Messages in celestial church cannot be overemphasised
But what happens when a message is considered wrong?

Does it mean God was wrong?

Does it mean the prophet was in flesh?

Prophets may be in spirit but still output wrong messages

Firstly, understand that the foundation of wrong or nullified messages is prophets *trying to prove themselves*
Before we go in, lets check out the qualities of a real message


Before a detail can be considered a message it must possess some qualities …

– Identification of the burden

– Reference to the personal prayer to God **

– Directional solution

– *God’s promise*


Whats the burden? It is the problem. What aches the person? What is plaguing their hearts?

A message must identify this to give the listener a hope
Talking about hope…

Prophecy is to comfort.. The Holy Spirit is the comforter.. And comfort brings hope…

But giving me a message and you did not mention anything at least one thing that plagues my heart then it is wrong

Not all burdens are warfare.. Some burdens may be out of confusion and the person seeks a divine counsel..

A message must eliminate this confusion to be considered a true word


This does not always appear but a message should talk about something that is between me and God alone.

Lots of messages in celestial church are just spiritual work recommendations and no message

A message should identify the prayer that burdens your heart the most
This is where we are going…


This is where many prophets miss it.

Talking about solutions, solutions can be an instruction or charge. However these instructions must have direction.

You cant tell me to pray against ogun idile.. What type of ogun idile exactly? What exactly is the ogun?
General solutions dont work because there are no general problems
Prophets tend to dish out general solutions they know thats why after all works those problems remain over and over and over again
The solutions lack direction.
Now the prophets trying to prove themselves to make a point is the first error.
Do you know that PA Oshoffa never supported or permitted prophets to be mentioning names in Celestial Church?

A name could be mentioned by the spirit but the person may not be aware such person bears such name and as such dismiss it
Describing people in messages can be a kill joy.

Understand that the Holy Spirit shows the true nature not the modified nature..

So Holy Spirit shows you a person who is dark and gives a detail.. You dont need to use the description to prove a point or obtain validation because presently the said person could have creamed up into becoming fair
And so it will be rejected
I tell prophets not to waste their time describing or mentioning names because Holy Spirit can mention a name the person does not know such person bears

As a celestial born child the angels may mention your name givin on naming not your present name you tell people
So in such case it will be rejected
Now still on errors, another blatant error is…

*Giving Dates*
The Holy Spirit will surely mention a date if He pleases but that will only come to pass depending on how the person lives up to it.
I cant give you a date when i know it is possible you sit down and do nothing or get yourself in trouble that can fault that manifestation
You will commit no sin if you say…

“Soon, this will happen”


“23rd of July you will go to ibadan”

Anything can alter the dates
Are these errors not the reason why many people have lost faith in the prophets?
Trust me, prophets giving dates or mentioning names are only trying to prove themselves hot but it blows up in their faces
More on errors,

Another wicked error is

Telling a married person there is no way
Holy Spirit is one thing, your honor and respect as a prophet is another thing
They will give you the honor of listening to you first before they hear what your spirit has to say
Now, think about this…

A married couple, you say no way because the spirit said no way.

But you forgot that God who divided the sea for Israel can very much make a way
Relationship inquires are deep, You dont need to focus on the no way or why ther is no way but *how can a way be made*
Prophets create solutions
Focus on making ways and creating solutions

Finally, messages are about Gods promises to His people. What is God saying and promising His people?

This is a key factor not mentioning names or describing people or sayin what we had for dinner
You dont need to swear
You dont need to allow people put words in your mouth
What you have said is what you have said
People asking questions during ishona are asking God not you.. If God doesnt give a reply be QUIET..
Dont respond to it

You say what your LORD puts in your mouth otherwise the message is tampered with

May God continue to lead us and help us all.


Prophet Victorious

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