“Our Shepherd’s urgent needs to should be met”

At a time when we should have an effective administrative system that will help and reward our shepherds who have labour for this great church. Many are languishing in poverty. Some can’t afford medical bill.

*Our shepherds need urgent two things:*

1. Regular Medical check up at Celestial Church Hospital at no cost. (Where’s the hospital)

2. Monthly stipends as allowance to meet their needs. (Where’s the retirement savings) Already mismanaged, embezzled and spent on court cases.

Meanwhile, We can’t completely exonerate or absolve them from current predicament of the church as most of them are the architect or propeller because they failed in the past to speak and stand for the truth. The repercussion is what we are currently facing now. A father who failed to train his children, he Will surely pay for it in future.

May God help us.

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