“The Origin of Holy Mary Celebration in CCC”


Holy Mary’s day is a very important day which God gave to Celestial Church of Christ to celebrate. It is a day set aside to honor the mother of Jesus who doubles as the mother of the church of God.

Background of Holy Mary’s day

In 1947,Wolisata was given a revelation about holy Mary and the first hymn given to Celestial Church of Christ was given(Hymn 762). Unfortunately, everyone forgot about her until 1977 when the start of the even in section 99(g) of the Constitution occurred. Again Papa forgot about her and almost a year after he saw the revelation, he was seriously ill, he actually had a stroke and again he saw her in the dream and she told him that he was sick because he didn’t honor her. He promised to honor her and more years was added to him because he was supposed to die as a result of that illness. This gave birth to the first holy Mary’s day celebration on 7th July, 1978.

Holy Mary and the Church
In the book of Genesis 3vs15 God’s judgement on the woman shows:
i. Enimity between the serpent and the seed of the woman
ii. It’s seed will bruise the heel of her seed and he wí bruise its head.
The seed in the above is Jesus Christ but the pod/covering of the seed is holy Mary. This makes her important in heaven till date. When angel Gabriel appeared unto her Luke 1,he told her she is high favored amongst all women and gave her instructions concerning Jesus. This woman submitted herself to God without second thought!
In the book of John 2, there was a marriage where they ran out of wine. Mary knowing th power her son possesses went to Jesus Christ even as it was not time for Him to do any miracle, He yielded to her. This means she has a special access to Christ and God and this access has been opened to us in Celestial Church of Christ.

*The significance of Holy Mary*

She has three things present in her :

1. *The woman* : When the rib was removed from Adam and was used to create a being, God didn’t give a name to her rather He brought her to the man to name just as he had done other things in the garden. The man(Adam) being the image and likeness of God spoke as God and called her woman because she was taken out of a man because he saw his bone and flesh(a true reflection of himself) Gen 2:23. When they both listened to the voice of another teacher and ate what God told them not to, God pronounced judgement on them which included the eternal enmity between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent(Gen 3:15) which also lead to their explosion from the garden, the man and the woman lost their place before God and Adam needed to give her a name (Eve) .This pronouncement seems like a joke to the devil because a woman has no seed in her,the seed is in a woman so from then, the devil was after every male child. He targeted everyone until the time of Holy Mary, God performed a miracle that He never did before and won’t do again, He made the devil looked like a fool. This miracle brought to pass what was said in the garden  she became a seed that brought out another seed, she became the space for the way, the embodiment of the favor of God as pronounced by angel Gabriel. She accepted what God brought to her and was ready to walk in it regardless of what people would say, she prepared herself to walk in the light of who God called her which is the true mentality of being a woman.
The place of a woman was empty and in John 2:4,Jesus gave her the place that was empty therfore she became the only woman in heaven even while still living!

2. *A wife* : Regardless of the unquantifiable favor God has bestowed on her, she still remained a wife to her husband who offers supports, submits and humble in the marriage God has placed her. Even when Joseph wanted to leave her, she didn’t argue or try to prove a point rather God sent an angel to him to give him more understanding.

3. *A Mother* : She remembered all that was said about Jesus by the angel and also by the one who carried Him(Simon) and the other who spoke about Him( Anna) on the 41st day(Luke 3: 22-38). She walked according to everything and trained Him in the way that was set before her. When it requires Him to be disciplined, she did appropriately, she did.
She was so close to Him that almost everything about Him didn’t pass her, He did almost everything in her presence this made her the first disciple of Jesus. When she was absent during one of the teaching of Jesus and He wanted to give her place out, she immediately sat down and retained her place(Mat 12:46-50).
Being a mother, she knew what her son could do as He had done countless in her presence so in the wedding party they were invited to, she heard the complaints of people about wine and she went to tell Him. Jesus whose time is not yet to touch marriage or perform miracles answered her and called her as Adam called the first female created thus establishing her everlasting place on the kingdom of God. She understanding who her son is told the people to stay with Him and do whatever He says. By doing this, they were able to get what they desired ( John 2:1-8).
When Jesus was cricified, He looked down and saw her and the Apostle He loved(Apostle John) , He gave him to her and gave her to him. Apostle John representing the church was given to her and she given to the church thus right here He handed over the affairs of the church to her, this was why John took her in from thence to take care of her. It was Jesus Himself that gave  her a place in the church(John 19:25-27).

The above and many more are reasons we were told to celebrate her with a full service on Celestial Church of Christ.

*Holy Mary’s day Celebration in Celestial Church of Christ*

The service dedicated to her is to be a full congregational service where we all clad in our full regalia and choir on their capes. We are to celebrate it like we do harvests.
It must be clearly understood that God never gave us a picture, statue, figurine or any similitude of Holy Mary. Therefore there is no special seat, chair or place dedicated to her as far as Celestial Church of Christ we are just to hold her service in celebrating her.

How does celebrating her affect out lives :

1. She is the only Mother in Celestial Church of Christ
2. She is the only person that can how who Christ really is as she did Papa Oshoffa
3. Because she is an embodiment of favor, she has the power to grant us the favor of God at anytime without being questioned.
4. When we table any issue before her and she interfere, she becomes a mediator for us before Christ and He will do whatever she brings just like He did at the wedding.
5. Our women folks have more unrestricted access to her than the male members.
6. She is the one in charge of teaching our women folds about true marriage.
7. She also has unlimited access to bless the batten with the fruit of the womb.

It all depends on how we understand her place, function in the kingdom of God and how effectively we can maximize her usage.

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