“What must be done to move Celestial Forward”

Let it be taken back to our various enclaves that for the church to move on in the right direction, there must be

1. Separation between SBJO’s family and the Church Management.

2. The Church Management must clearly identify the two sections – Spiritual and Administration
3. Each of the two sections above must be headed and overseen by competent, tested and trusted individuals (Spiritual), and the professionals should handle the (Administration).

Each of these two main sections should have sub-sections for effective communications, monitor and evaluation.

The Pastor’s office is equally different from the Pastor’s person and both are just one of the sections under administration, Pastor’s office is not the same as administration. All ’employees’ in charge of the pastor’s person should not interfere in the pastor’s official assignment.

By Alagba Bisi Odukoya

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