“What happens when Children Pray”

When Children Pray

Children always have a direct connection to heaven and God
Their earnest prayers demonstrate confidence in a heavenly Father whose tender reach extends to every corner of their world. Their wholehearted expressions of love for others reflect a joy that can come only from God. And their unquestioning faith reveals the sort of simple trust many adults long to recapture in their own relationship with “They have a direct line with the Father, and they ask without qualifying their petitions. We need to pay attention. We too often allow our doubts to seep into our prayers. Not kids.”

When Children Pray

1. Their Prayers get answered

Children’s prayer easily get to the courtyards of heaven for answering due to this reason ; their innocent faith and confidence that God listens and does it

2 .God listens to them due to their loving nature

God harkens to children due to their innocent and loving nature, they often pray with no hardness in their heart

Scriptures says he that has a clean hand and pure heart, he shall receive the blessing from the lord in psalm 24

Children pray with a purity that is noted for their age

3. Children are created for wonders and signs:
The scripture affirms that children are created for signs and wonders in Isaiah 8 verse 18
Signs and wonders are bound to happen when children pray

4. Children are Divine Heritage

Every child is a gift and an instrument belonging to God given to every parent and hence when they pray, God delights in them

5. Their Angels are in operation
When children pray, their Angel’s are often called into attention and operation and this aids in prayers

By Leader Tola Adele

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