“Experiencing Divine Visitation”

Experiencing Divine Visitation

Dvine visitation is a season when the heavens have decided to show mercy to you, it is an encounter with God that changes your story. Just a moment of this encounter rewrites your story for better. The purpose of divine visitation is to terminate satanic activities in the life of a man, divine visitation awakens the hope of a man.

Divine visitation is channelled by consistent and unwavering faith in God.

Divine Visitation to man happens unaware and unexpectedly but to God programmed according to his timing

This is why every divine visitation has a time its happens

Every one that experienced Divine Visitation never remained the same
Something changed about them, their life story as the experience does not leave them remaining the same afterwards

When God decides to pay man a visit, unexpected things are the results

We all pray to experience a divine visitation, but we must be prepared as it comes like an uninvited guest knocking at the door during a late hour when one is extremely tired

The key to divine visitation is to be prepared and to pray

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