“My Child, My Friend”


Friendship is another parenting essential. If you must raise great and wholesome children friendship is a necessity.
Life is all about relationships. Man is a social being. God made us so. He created us to relate one with another. The home is the training ground for a forms of socialization.
The life we live out there is a revelation of what we have at home. If you’re always fighting with your spouse, keeping malice nagging and criticizing one another that is what your children will reflect out there.
Respect for one another is a key factor in friendship. Courtesy, forgiveness, tolerance, giving and generousity are all necessary factor for a great relationship.

Friendship is the reasons children don’t keep secrets. Friendship is the reason they don’t want to do anything that would hurt you because they care so much about what you share and won’t want anything to strain the relationship.
Build a bond between you and your child, you cannot be a terrorist in your home and expect to have wholesome kids. You cannot be an authoritarian, the lion of the tribe of your family and the chief of armed forces of your home and expect to raise an wholesome kids. That’s an abuse of your position. You must and should relate with your children as a friend. Though you’re in authority over them but they will respect you more if you do not abuse your authority over them. *Your children should respect you and not fear you.*

By Bisi Bukola Innocent.

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