“Parents, Spiritualize your Children”_ Temilolu Okeowo

PARENTS, SPIRITUALIZE YOUR CHILDREN- May they not disgrace you in future!🤷

I’d say this over and over again, if you don’t get into your children’s heads and drive God deep into their souls before they are age 5, the devil and the society would infiltrate and cause confusion in their minds!😮

Spiritualizing them is not just about going to church on Sundays but ensuring their thoughts, emotions, motions, mind-set, attitude etc. aligns with God’s dictates!🙇 You must go all out to have conversations with your son (as well as your daughter) daily almost on everything possible- become his best friend and confidant till you enter into his brain and can even read his mind- IT’S VERY POSSIBLE! Filter his friends and the type of music he listens to and ensure they won’t contaminate his spirit! THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER and the best way to raise a child in perilous times as this if you want to have peace in future as our boys are worse hit by peer pressure and especially pressure to prove their masculinity!🙄 Our society would have been spared a good number of drug addicts and rapists if more parents concentrated on raising their children the right way!

However, I also wonder what becomes of a child whose parents are not spiritual or godly?🤔 Such a parent is courting trouble. And I must not fail to mention that there are some godly parents who are not intentional about parenting!😏 I was once invited by one of Nigeria’s most prominent secondary schools of all time to speak to their girls after an 11-year-old daughter of a G.O. of a prominent ministry (one of their students) was found practising oral sex on her class mate! I’m yet to get over the shock that came with it!🥺 Most of these children don’t know what they are doing- they’re being satanically-manipulated! THEY NEED YOUR HELP A GREAT DEAL! PLEASE DON’T FORGET THEY ALSO HAVE ANCESTRAL BATTLES TO DEAL WITH!

All I know is if your children are possessed by the Holy Spirit, even when you are not there, whenever temptation arises, the power of God in them would always arrest the situation and pull them back! There’s more to come your way on this! MAY LIFE BE EASY ON YOUR CHILDREN, MAY THEY BRING YOU GREAT GLORY AND HONOUR IN JESUS NAME!🔥🔥

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