“Shepherds Misconduct is due to no Welfare for them”


While blaming the shepherds we should also look at the structure implementation of the church as a body to the Shepherds.

Money is root of all Sin ,which also we can’t do without.

Shepherds are going through HELL financially, some just needs their daily bread and money for sustainability.

Negligent of the church towards the Shepherds has makes most exposed to unclean, unlawful way of life to get money.

Some pastor’s of other denominations are earning Salaries and also has job which Celestial Shepherds didn’t has such grace, won’t be bad if Celestial body can bring in or introduced Salary structure and welfarerism to our Shepherds.Also Shepherds too should also know that Agbelebu Jesu, oodun , otun Koro.A Shepherd were spotted at bet9ja shop to play bet9ja for livelihood is uncomfort to his personality to his parish and to Celestial Church of Christ as a whole.

Tarnished his own and the church image which such act will encouraged members to cultivate same act.

We shouldn’t loose guard in anyway of our life. Celestial is Rich they can achieved it, our Shepherds needs proper care.

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