“Shepherd seen with a face wiper while ministering”

A livestream video was seen online of the shepherd of a parish ministering with his face been wiped with a face towel by his assistant.

The video has called alot of reactions from celestians who saw it and brought into questioning what many shepherds do in the church.

Is there the need for a shepherd or a minister to have someone wiping their face for them.

Is it part of ministerial ethics for someone to have a face wiper whilst ministering.

The church authorities and high bodies need to look into this…

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2 thoughts on ““Shepherd seen with a face wiper while ministering”

  1. It is not part of our tenants for Preachers in Celestial Church Of Christ to have wipers.
    However, I opined that this shouldn’t be blown out of proportion if it was on off.
    The wiper a Superior Evangelist should have known better and the Minister V/M/Sup Evangelist should have called his attention to this.
    Please let us allow the sleeping dog to lie before meanings and different interpretations are tagged to it.

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