“Anointment without Anointing is emptiness _Dr Kunle Hamilton says”

At a time in the celestial fold when ranks and the race for anointment takes the centreplay, the President of the Shaddaville Ministries, Dr. Kunle Hamilton, has explained why one needs more than anointment to thrive both in CCC and beyond.
He gave the insight while delivering a sermon entitled “The difference between the tenet/man-made anointment and the scripture/God-breathed anointing” at CCC Covenant Cathedral, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos last Sunday. 
He said: “It is better for you not to take anointing than for you to take it and not work with it. There is a major difference between anointment and anointing. Anointment is what human beings do for you as represented by what the Pastor can do for you. When you pay for anointment and a hand is laid on you, the best that can do for you is to move you from rank to rank, but to move from power to power, from grace to grace and glory to glory, you need more than anointment, you need the anointing of God which starts with your baptism and follows through how much time you pay to study the word of God.
“And then it goes to how much you are willing to help other human beings to grow in the Lord and then whether people can see things that resemble Christ in your life when they assess it vividly even at your place of work. And then, it further goes to whether you deliver with sincerity and integrity the duties that are being given to you in the church.  Anointment cannot give you all of that. Only the fear of God brings such anointing into a man’s life,” he explained.  
He further noted that it is only by speaking the truth consistently that justice can be established among human beings especially in the church of God and that only Christians who decide to speak the truth, no matter whose ox is gored, can thrive

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