“Why that Shepherd marriage is working happily”


1. The shepherd and his wife are committed to purpose.

The sense of purpose guiding them is so strong either the pastor is a pioneer or serving under a ministry, the pursuit of purpose is always strong.

Marriage is very boring without purpose.

You may like a man because of sex. You may be attracted to a lady because of her beauty. You may find each other attractive but if there’s no purpose you’re pursuing and committed to you will get tired of your matrimony.

This is pastor’s marriages is fun there are alot of things to discuss together. There is a mission that keeps the marriage lively.

2. The shepherd and his wife have similar believe and conviction.

The Shepherd and his wife believe in Christ together, submit to the same spiritual fatherhood and leadership and they are serving God.

Differences in the believe of most couples is why the storm in their marriage appears endless

3. The shepherd and his wife are always prayer partners. Yes! They take all challenges to God in prayer concertedly.

They are receiving the same spiritual training, it’s easy for them to pray together.

Don’t forget that when couples pray together they defeat the devil easily together.

4. The shepherd and his wife respect divine organogram.

The wife never argues the fact that the husband is more than a lover but her priest, pastor and lord.

The shepherd always see the wife as his first Bible student, disciple and follower.

They unarguably accept individual responsibilities and statuses.

Don’t forget every effort of a woman to level up with her husband is the root of all marital crises.

5. They protect the particularity, privacy and intimacy of their marriage intentionally.

They put their pictures on the flyers, they drive to church together, and they sleep in the same room Infact bath together.

Most of these pastors prefer their wives to handle feminine issues instead of having secret connection with any lady.

They don’t hide their oneness regardless of their differences and flaws.

Don’t forget when the particularity, peculiarity and privacy of a marriage is not protected deliberately the marriage MUST end in divorce.

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