“Shepherd with Controversial Prayer Apologizes”

The shepherd who went viral for praying controversially has finally written an apology letter to all celestials.
The video which stirred a lot of sensation on social media has brought scrutiny to the type of Shepherds we have in the fold of God

and the letter goes as thus :


Kindly accept this as a text of apology from the Desk of Shepherd, Regarding the viral video being quoted as a prayer for encouraging internet fraudsters. I’ve been thinking a lot about what Is going on presently and I feel so terrible about it.
     I know that I really crossed the line. You all have every right to be offended and hurt. How will I justify myself? how will I defend my cause of action? Only God knows better.
    From the bottom of my heart I want to apologize to my leaders, my colleagues and the entire church of God for this unacceptable act of mine. It wasn’t intentional. I pray that God uphold us all till enternity.

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