“Buying bibles for prayer and not reading it is wrong”

“Buying bibles for prayer and not reading it produces bible ignorant”

The word of God is very fundamental in the life of a believer.
If any believer would grow and attain spiritual maturity, he must study, read, digest, grow and practise the word of God in the bible.

Celestial Church is a Spiritual Church, directed by the holy spirit but also founded on the word of God.

The word of God and the holy spirit are two principal elements operating in the church.

Consequently, spiritual injunctions to buy bibles for prayer purpose to be kept in the altar has allowed the church to be filled with bibles but no one reading them.

If one keeps buying bible without reading, one would become an ignorant Christian at last, exposed to falsehood and wiles of the devil.

The greatest spiritual work that happens in the life of man is when he realizes the word of God which reveals the mind of God and comes to him through the word.

It is quite unpleasant to look around the church and find multiples of bible brought by bible and kept in the altar but no one reading them.

The practise and prophecy of people buying bibles for prayers but not reading them is quite incomplete

Of what essence is the bible if not to be studied and meditated according to Joshua 1 v 7

When had the altar become a dumping ground for bibles that hadn’t been read.

This act has made many lazy Christian’s whon have seen studying the bible as tedious

This has resulted in a poor attitude towards the bible study and class teachings that would develop and encourage believers to grow.

Bibles should be brought with an aim to read and study them towards growth, understanding and maturity in christ jesus

This is one of the reasons why celestial church is seen as biblical illiterate by other denominations because of our attitude to the bible

this attitude needs to change and be brought to check.

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