“What do we do when Shepherds and Prophet err”

An Erring Shepherd is like a wounded soldier”

No man of God no matter how his work may be in sight of God is perfect or an angel…
To err or sin is human and none of us is above mistakes…

Men of God especially are exposed to attacks and traps of the devil and may fall but what is the church meant to do.

Jesus gave a typical example with the woman caught in adultery, only he who is without sin was told to come cast the stone..

When a man of God errs or falls in the process, as Christian’s we ought not to make jest or rejoice in their fall, we ought to help them regain grounds and realize what they have done.

The church is not be found rejoicing when one of it’s own is found falling, he only fell but still remains of the church.

The practice of tearing down shepherds, prophets and erring men of God when they are caught in the act of sin would take us no where..

At that point they need rehabilitation and support of the church but in most cases the church is found to be the one against it’s own.

This erring shepherds and prophets are still one of us though they make mistakes and can be corrected in love and discipline….

One thing I admire in Catholics is that when a priest is caught in sin, they see him as a wounded soldier who needs rehabilitation and protect him. But Pentecostals will tear down their pastors caught in sin. A pastor is like a striker. Strikers are marked by the enemy more than other players. The best football clubs have medics on standby to provide help, just in case a striker is injured. A football club that refuses to tend to a wounded striker, and instead humiliates him before the opposing side, will always be relegated in the league table.

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