Why we have so many unsaved celestians in the church

Why we have so many unsaved celestians in the church

It is such a tragedy in the church today that we have many unsaved Christians who know church but do not know Christ.

You will begin to wonder why someone would be a member of the church and still be going places seeking what is not lost.

Here are some of the reasons why we have such :

Slumbering Evangelists : Today Evangelism is almost dead in the church, we have evangelist by robes and cassocks that do not preach the gospel, reach out for the lost and converted.

Christless Preachings : Many of the preachers and the preachings in the church today are void and devoid of Christ
They hardly mention or even talk of Christ which is terrible.

No Followup : After joining the church, there is no thorough followup and procedure to ensure converts have given their lives to Christ, are truly converted and born again before getting into the things of the church

Doctrines exalted over Christ :

The emphasis and energy channeled to doctrines and tenets over the years has not been used to talk about Christ.
We need to speak more, talk more about Christ and salvation.

Sacramental Priority :

The church is mainly interested in who wears the garment, who gets robed etc than whether the persons in the church are truly saved.

Lackadaisical attitude to the bible :

The attitude to the bible is very bad…most members do not read their bible.
You will find host of bibles in the altar with names inside but no one to read them.
We buy bible every time but do not read them or meditate on them.

Bible study and teaching

The lack of a strong bible study and teaching will often produce too many unsaved Christians in White garment.
Bible study ought to be made compulsory and mandatory for new converts and all members.
The attitude to bible study, class and teaching is very bad with low turnout.


Many often value spiritual works to the bible.
The scriptures says that it is when you hear the word that you may believe.
Many Christians believe has been hinged on spiritual works(Ise) encouraged by many clergies who refuse to point them to the word of God for their monetary gains.

No Christ in Word or Hymns :

The hymns are filled of Christ but they are not reflected , the scriptures is filled of messages about Christ but they are not preached.
It has become so difficult that Christ can’t be found in the church hence souls are not truly converted for the lord

By Brother Tola Adele

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