Celestial @ 73 :The Time to be United in heart and Mind(Acts 4 v 32)

Celestial @ 73 :The Time to be United in heart and Mind(Acts 4 v 32)

Ever since the demise of the pastor founder, SBJ Oshoffa of the celestial church, the storms of factions and divisions has been rocking seriously the church.

The leadership crisis worsened after the transition of Reverend abiodun Bada further cracking the church into fragments and factions

But with all this elements, the church is still growing and waxing strong despite the Paul- Apollos segregation that is widespread in the church.

The clause for the leadership selection in the church has been backbenched stated by the pastor founder.

The wolves in white garment have eaten into the spoils benefitted from the church and have been enriched from the division.

But this new age calls us for all celestians to stop following the bandwagon of faction and division games played by the top elements in the church whom have not the interest of the church in mind.

The political games of division that has not done anything reasonable to the church.

There is an object call and cry for reflective unity for the celestial church but self interest and ambition would not allow this to prevail.

At 73, the call for unity should be stronger, louder and better.

In the book of Acts 4 v 32
And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul.

For as long as you remain in celestial and believe in God, celestial church is one and undivided…..

Let the multitude of celestial unite as one and leave the elders and parading pastors to continue dividing themselves.

The mentality of factional fracas should be taken away and begin to embrace each one as one……one body in Christ.

Until we come into unity, this crisis will spurge in continuity.

Unity and oneness is the effective change and solution to the crisis of celestial church.

We pray all dividing parties and factions, and parading pastors can submit to unity and put aside self interest and carry the interest of God and the church.

By Brother Tola Adele

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