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A legend is he who makes himself a somebody from nobody. He makes something worthwhile from his humble beginning.

Emmanuel Taiwo Oladipupo Oshin remains a legend and an icon forever in the Celestial Church of Christ.

Baba Oshin , as he is generally addressed by both members and non-members of Celestial Church of Christ,was the little baby born into the world about 96 yrs ago. He was born on January 24th,at Ikorodu,Lagos State to the royal family of Adegorusen Alaagbe.

His father was the late Pa Gbadamosi and his mother was Madam Towuro. He was born into a Muslim family with his Muslim name being Hassan ,although his father was not indeed a devoted Muslim,being of a royal blood in those days.

Baba Taiwo Oshin was not privileged to have western formal education. He had no formal education, but actively involved in his father’s farming operations. They grew cocoa, fruits, vegetables e.t.c. on hectares of land at Losi-Oba along Shagamu road of today.
His first profession was barbing,using the old tools of a knife and stone for sharpening. Later,he worked in the ship which afforded him the opportunity to visit various ports in the West Africa coast, like Equitorial Guinea,etc. He later worked at the Ministry of Works in Lagos.

At a stage in the life of young Taiwo Oshin, he was invited back to his hometown to check what the future holds. He was taken to a herbalist and behold, he was well informed that he would be prominent among the white garment church, this was in the presence of his father and mother.

His contact with the Celestial Church of Christ was divinely predestined. On a fateful day in the early 1950s, he accompanied a friend of his to the Celestial Church of Christ,Makoko,Lagos, to visit his friend’s father who was at that time receiving spiritual healing at the church in Makoko. It was in the course of one of such visits with his friend,Tunji by name, that the young Taiwo Oshin became impressed by the divinely inspired word of exhortation shared and the love exhibited amidst the then faithfuls .There and then,he decided to join the church.

On another visit, young Taiwo Oshin was drunk and upon getting to the church premises, Prophetess Iyabo Bada (Mama Tosin) was in spirit and delivered spiritual messages to him. He became so impressed with the message and that message consequently changed his life for good finally. He made a decision to quit drinking , but that night as a form of farewell to alcoholic drinks, he visited four different hotels that night to drink.

The following day in the year 1954, he went back to the Church at Makoko and it was revealed to him that three elders of different languages -Yoruba, Egun, French should pray for him as his sanctification for new comers. This was towards the time when they were preparing to go to the third Ajase beach convocation.

He was consequently baptized by the Pastor Founder himself together with some others like “Iya Iperu” (the senior sister to the popular Iya Ibeji at Makoko then). He was renamed EMMANUEL as his baptismal name. During the baptismal service, Prophet Abiasi was shown a vision that young Taiwo Oshin was given a staff with seven branches and on each branch was a stick of candle already lit and he, Emmanuel Oshin was taken to all the cities of the world, a prophecy that had come to pass to the glory of God. Halleluyah!

From then, he had been working tirelessly in the vineyard. Each time he retired to sleep at night, he would always find himself in trance; the first he had was when he saw Jesus Christ, Mary and Angel Michael dressed in battle attires.They told him to face the work he was called to do in C.C.C, without looking sideways. Many times he also found himselves in a classroom where they would be nurturing him with heavenly knowledge in school uniform. There was one class he attended where an angel mounted the pulpit and called him. He answered, and stood in his front. The angel plucked one of the feathers in his arm to write his name in the scroll he held, there after, he called the name of another person to take turn within a very short time.

In 1963,a day before the first Adult Harvest of CCC Orile Agege Parish,Taiwo Oshin in the company of other elders of the Church were going to visit Orile Agege Parish when Prophet Paul Maforikan gave a prophecy that he Taiwo Oshin must stop wearing shoes henceforth,not even to his place of work in the Ministry. At exactly one year of the message, he received another divine message not to wear any clothes except Sutana.

One night,his daughter, Bose (Iya Yemisi), could no sleep at home ,but demanded she should be taken to the Church. She was taken to CCC Makoko where she slept ,but her father could not sleep. Baba Oshin was in a spiritual exercise where the angels put him on a scale rocking him till day break. He reported the dream to Asiwaju Bada (as he was known then) who also could not interpret the vision,but had to inquire of the Lord through Prophetess Erinle-Iya Bose. It was Prophetess Erinle who revealed that Asiwaju Bada had been given a companion from that day on. The companion was no other person than Taiwo Oshin, who was then an Onibode.

It was also revealed that Baba Bada ,the Asiwaju should crawl into the Inner Altar to take one stick of candle and give it to Elder Taiwo Oshin to take with him to the Ministry of Works,resign and come back to the Church. It was further instructed that Asiwaju must not step out of the Altar till Elder Taiwo Oshin would return to start the work of God in the Church at Makoko. All these instructions were duly obeyed to the letter.

Upon Taiwo Oshin’s arrival from his then office at Ministry of Works, Asiwaju took the candle from Elder Oshin, lit it on the Altar and prayed for him. That marked the beginning of Baba Oshin into full-time priesthood. Although he had been working in the vineyard for long and Papa Oshoffa had been telling him to join in the ministry work fully which he declined severally, but he eventually joined the ministry fully in 1964.

At that moment,Pa Taiwo Oshin was commanded to resign from secular job. This caused serious trouble in his heart as he was concerned about how he would meet up with his financial obligations effectively at home and in all ways.

As a church worker,the first stipend earned by Elder Taiwo Oshin was Two shillings six pence (about twenty five naira then). Pa Oshin stated, “ I gladly received the money and prayed for God’s blessings.” Not that the money was big and could take care of all his needs,but his faith in the God of the Celestial Church of Christ was bigger than the mustard seed that He would provide abundantly.

In 1971, without any pre-notice, Asiwaju Bada called Senior Leader Taiwo Oshin to enter into the vehicle with him to follow him somewhere. He obeyed,taking no bag or extra sutana,they went to Ijebu-Ode and upon arrival, Asiwaju instructed him to stay there. Asiwaju then left back to Makoko. That was actually the system of transfer then. Nobody would ask you if you wish to leave your current parish or not. No letter of transfer. No number of years per say. It was all done by the spirit of God. And truly, the signs were there for all to see.

Within four months at Ijebu-Ode,the Lord transformed the parish using Senior Leader Taiwo Oshin. Under his Shepherdship, a permanent site was purchased and a church building was constructed. The first parish adult harvest held and it was so glorious,the Pastor Founder was in attendance because of the good news he heard about that Parish. When Papa began preaching,the rain started drizzling ,Papa told everybody to remain on their seat.He told the congregation that the rain would drizzle for just five minutes,lo and behold,the rain stopped to drizzle at exactly five minutes.

He was later transferred to CCC Sagamu Parish 1,Ajegunle area, where the small church building was transformed to become a Cathedral. Through his spiritual hardwork, Celestial Church of Christ became the toast of the people (indigenes-Kings,Chiefs,nobles,etc. and foreigners) in the entire Remo land. On a daily basis,miracles were recorded . One of such incidence was the open physical attack by masquerades and herbalists who attacked Celestial members in Remo and to the glory of God,they were utterly disgraced and publicly put to shame by the authority of Jehovah through His son, Emmanuel Taiwo Oshin. At a point,many people left the upperland to buy portions of land and build their houses very close to the church. “Ijo Mimo so igbo di ilu”.

From Sagamu, he had postings to both Ondo (1988) and Ilorin, although his stay at both locations were very short, but the explosion in the church memberships, the church growth and development, massive evangelism and myriads of testimonies made the congregations at the both locations to feel hesitant in allowing him leave. Among his achievements included the school at Omolore.

When Superior Evangelist Emmanuel Taiwo Oshin was transferred to Ogun State as the State Evangelist,there were mixed feelings probably because of his low background in Western Education, however his tenure ushered into the State unprecedented, peace, love, unity, developments and progress in various ramifications.
Baba T. Oshin is well known for strictly adhering to the tenets as he received from Baba Bada and the Pastor Founder. He detests anyone who derails from the foundations laid by his spiritual fathers. This is why he gives periodic reference to Jeremiah 6:16-19. His love for the true teachings and foundation of the CCC endeared him to the worshippers at CCC Ijaye Parish,Abeokuta ,the then Ogun State Headquarters and the seat of the State Evangelist then. He received tremendous support and cooperation through the provision of a suitable living and office accommodation. The Parish gave ears to his instructions and he was nicknamed, “Baba Onilana”. Let it be on records that the late HSE Olunla of CCC Sagamu 1 spearheaded the alias given to Baba T. Oshin.

While he was the State Evangelist at Ogun State, one of his major efforts was the spiritual visit to the parishes then. Irrespective of the location, he would visit. There are undocumented records of exploits during his visits to the parishes then as can be validated by Superior Evangelist W.I. Ojo (his PA and Secretary). Baba T. Oshin effectively utilized the then Ogun State CCC Task Force to promote discipline in the State. The Task Force job was made easier by facilitating the purchase of a vehicle then.

Under his leadership as Ogun State Evangelist and with the approval of the then Supreme Evangelist A.A. Bada,several parishes were birthed. Among them was a parish named CCC Pastoral Parish at Adedotun Area of Abeokuta. A land was also purchased close to the Parish on which a Nursery and Primary School of International Standard then was established. The School was named Saint Oshoffa International Nursery and Primary School, Adedotun, Abeokuta, Ogun State. The school was sponsored using Pastoral returns as directed by Supreme Bada then. The foundation stone of a six-classroom block was laid by Supreme Evangelist A.A. Bada with other Church elders in attendance. In attendance that day were elders like ; Pa Leyon,Gilbert Jesse,M.O.Are, Orovboni,T.Oshin himself,etc. Let it be on records that the excess proceeds realized during the burial of Baba Bada was used to purchase a bus for the school for ease of transportation. It is however quite disheartening that as we speak,the school is no longer in operation. It has been shut down.

Most Superior Evangelist Taiwo Oshin has ever been loyal to his superiors in his spiritual journey in the Celestial Church of Christ. From the Rev. Pastor Founder to Rev. A.A. Bada,to RT. Rev. P.H. Ajose, to His Eminence Rev. Pastor EMF Oshoffa. Pa Emmanuel Taiwo Oshin has never for once been accused of insubordination or rebellion. He remains unstained with no negative appellation attached to his aprons. Everything about him remains Celestial. He is a man of prayers, with no secret box, ring, garment, bag or room. He is a living Celestial Church of Christ member anytime.

Although Baba Oshin can no longer stand for long again due to old age,but his sense of discipline has not diminished. Till date, God still show him mysteries and revelations through dreams as God Himself promised in Joel 2:28. God daily exposes unto him the level of unrighteousness amongst Celestial Church members. This is really making him unhappy.

Most Superior Taiwo Oshin is a blessed man in any way you can think of. He is a loving father to his children,family and people around him. Generous and kind-hearted. He presently coordinates the Adegorusen Royal Family in a way that all feels like they are his biological children.

In the early 2000, he had revelations about the current divisions prevalent in the Church and he fought hard to prevent it. Part of his efforts was the invitation he sent to all the senior members of the clergy then to meet him at Abeokuta,where he admonished all to allow peace to reign in the Church. Even at the beginning of the crisis,he visited the key players to ensure unity, unfortunately, many allowed the devil to penetrate into our midst.

On one occasion,Baba Oshin took some Shepherds with him to Eleko beach to pray for the Church peace and progress. Having prayed for hours,the Shepherds were exhausted and went to rest under a coconut tree,but Baba Oshin continued to pray under the sun .He decided to lie down under the sun and soon fell asleep. Not along after he laid down,seven birds flew from the East and landed, positioning themselves round Baba who was fast asleep. They positioned themselves as if seven elders were praying for somebody,one on the head and three birds on his left and right sides respectively. The birds were there for as long as Baba was sleeping. This was on for over thirty minutes. Eye witnesses include: SE Akinwande, SE O. Odukoya (Baba’s Secretary) and SE Giwa of Eti-Osa (alias Ketu Lori wa).

Years ago,a prophesy was delivered to Baba Oshin at CCC Owo Otun Parish,Abeokuta that he shall not taste death until CCC becomes one fold under one Shepherd. This is after God had silenced death’s grip over him severally. No wonder Baba is divinely preserved.

At 80 years of age,Baba Oshin mobilized for the establishment of a Parish at Orimerunmu Village situated between Mowe and Ibafo on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. This he did using the gifts from his evangelism tours. One would expect that at his age,he would be keeping money for himself and his family,alas he is not given to such a mindset.

When Baba Oshin could not be frequent again at CCC Last Ark of Salvation Parish,Orimerunmu when he clocked 90,he would conduct service together with his family members and members of staff and send the offerings to the Parish at Orimerunmu so that normal Pastoral returns could be paid. What a man of integrity!

Baba Oshin remains the oldest clergy in the Celestial Church of Christ WW as at today. He was the first Most Superior Evangelist in the Celestial Church of Christ. He is the last man standing of the first 13 Most Senior Evangelists appointed in CCC WW. He was the first white garment church member to become the Chairman of OAIC in Ogun State. He introduced Celestial family day at Km 53, Lagos -Ibadan expressway which was well adopted by Rev. A.A. Bada. Baba Oshin is the only living patriarch who saw the first,second,third,fourth and the current fifth church building at Makoko, Nigeria Arch Diocese.

He introduced and established CCC parishes at the below locations amidst others:

1. Ikorodu
2. Ilesha
3. Emuren
4. Iki
5. Ilishan
6. Iperu
7. Ipara
8. Odogbolu
9. Ishara

Baba Oshin in the recent times reminded the Church about some old forgotten hymns of CCC. An example is CCC Hymn 696( E wo ile wura na),
Orin:- Omi legbe o
Ijo mimo bori aye
Omi legbe e…

Though Baba Emmanuel Taiwo Oshin is not vast in Western education, but he has authored some books. The proceeds from these books he donated for the tiling of the floor of the Conference Centre at Celestial Holy City, Imeko, Ogun State,Nigeria.

We pray God to still keep Baba for CCC WW in years to come.


Reference: Sup. Evang. W.I. Ojo
Oshin Peter
John Itunu Oshin

Credits : Celestial Monatan

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