“The Spirit of Childlikeness”

Be childlike

(Luke 18 :1-30)

Sometimes the ‘babies’ (v.15), children or young people in a church are described as ‘the church of the future’. But, according to Jesus, they are not just the church of the future, they are the church of today: ‘The kingdom of God belongs to such as these’ (v.16).

Jesus calls us to become like children. He never tells us to be childish (in the sense of being simplistic), but he does tell us to be childlike.

To be childlike is the opposite of being independent and ‘grown up’. Children tend to be open, receptive, trusting, humble, loving and forgiving. The God-centred life is a life of childlike dependence on him.

You become childlike when you show and share your honest feelings, acknowledge how fragile and vulnerable you are and how much you need God and other people.

Children are instinctively driven to explore and discover. They neither dwell in the past nor settle for the present, but look forward – with an unquenchable curiosity – to the future, fuelled by wonder and an immense capacity for enjoyment.

Cultivate this freedom to respond instinctively, like a child, and to feel and express wonder, awe, love and joy – to rush in and eagerly explore, probe and discover things for yourself.

Mary Samuel Shofowora

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