How Much Do You Truly Worth as a Living Soul


We are in a period where the worth of people and things is really a big rave.

We all know the worth of Bill Gate, Aliko Dangote, Jack Ma and the rich elites in assets, property and wealth to an extent that it is a societal question in the lips of everyone ” how much do you worth”

We might know how much people worth and things worth but do we really know the worth of our soul?

Everyone young, old, poor, rich, black, white has a soul and this soul has a worth.

The worth of the soul is really measured in Mark 8 v 36

And what benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your soul? Is anything worth more than your soul.

Your soul is the worth of your life.. not riches and properties of the world.
Have you ever thought of the value of your soul ?

No amount of wealth or riches can compare or amount to your soul.
For riches perish but the soul doesn’t perish

The truth about our soul was revealed more in Luke 16 verse 19, 23

The story of the very rich man and the poor Lazarus who both died and their souls went to the place of the dead one to hell and the other to Abraham’s bosom.

But the rich man ne’er thought about his soul because he was carried away by riches, his state of health and numerous wealth which has no eternal value compared to his soul.

Just like the rich man, many of us are not thinking of our soul, or its worth.

Your soul will end up in a state the day you die but what is the value of a dead man soul.

Anyone can save their souls and also anyone can lose them to the riches of the world

Our souls can only be saved by Jesus Christ
Give your life to Jesus Christ the savior of our soul from eternal destruction and torment

Seek Jesus Christ today for the salvation of your soul.

By Brother Tola Adele.

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