An open letter to Papa – God’s greatest gift to Africa. A prophet. An enigma. A brand.

An open letter to Papa – God’s greatest gift to Africa. A prophet. An enigma. A brand.

Grace, oh grace.

Dearest Papa,

It has been 35years of Grace and Glory since you departed.Your church has grown tremendously. It has transcended beyond your imagintaion. 

Your prophecy ‘Ijo yi yio gboro, yio wa ni ojule sojule – this church will grow and reach all neighbourhood’, has indeed been fulfilled. We are present in countries across 4 of the 6 continents of the world and the church is moving, on.

The basilica at Imeko is almost completed. I am sure this gladens your heart and spirit. It has been a journey – an interesting one at that. I’ll write you an updated letter soon, on this.

Your dream of a true Jerusalem for all is taking shape. The Church University also has been launched and is gradually taking form. Baba Banjo didn’t fail you in this regard – Kudos to him.

Your son – His Eminence, Rev. EMF Oshoffa is enjoying your grace and leading the church on well, despite all the challenges of the devil and his agents in human form around him and within the church. Papa, please continue to dwell within and beside him. Protect and cover him with your great spirit and grant him wisdom, victory and grace over all obstacles.

Your household is one. Keeping your legacy up and doing great things. The Oshoffa flag is flying high within the church. I owe you an update on this as well, soonest.

But Papa, all is not particularly positive within the church today. Let me gist you 😁

There are more private ministries than committed parishes operating in selfish disguise to the cause of salvation – the primary mandate you received from your Lord and Saviour – Jesus Christ. Papa, it’s about the money, today.

Shepherds within the fold have emerged in different forms – the fame thirsty ones, the materially corrupt ones, the proud and arrogant, the magicians who have polluted the flock you handed down and the VERY FEW who have remained committed to the cause – decreeing salvation unto all mankind. 

Harvests are social events today, mostly deprieved of spiritual functions and purpose. 

CCC parishes only adore you through your images and all when the need arises. They flaunt on their altars but their hearts are truly far away from your mission. Most have deviated from the order.

Miracles still occur in the church, as you promised when you were here. Your words backed by the annointing of your Saviour – Jesus Christ didnt fail. It never did, really.

Papa, do not take your annointing away from the committed and unstained few. Your true faithfuls.

As we celebrate your 35th passing away rememberance this month, we are still not telling the world the story of your greatness, your good works, your legacy as we should. Please forgive us. 

No newspaper ads, no radio jingles, no TV ads, no billboards, no special features to tell the world what you did and how well you followed your Master and Lord – Jesus Christ till the end. We would have done all these and more for our individual ministries, concerts, parish harvest ceremonies, altar laying events and the regular social events that have taken over your church.

We failed you even with the littlest things. 

Today, your house on Moshood Street is undecorated and is bare as can be , at a crucial period like this, when it should be active with mediamen and important visitors from across the globe, coming to celebrate you and bless your household for a peculiar Grace you delivered to us, all. 

Same as that of Baba Bada and Baba Ajanlekoko – Your trusted marshals, who greatly grew the church after your demise. I long for a day when more of these noblemen would be abundant in the fold.

Please forgive us.

Papa, there is a lot more rot and i have more to share with you but my wish is not to enrage your spirit at this interesting period. 

You were 38years old when you accepted the call of your Lord and Saviour, served and worked the work of faith for 38years before departing. You have been gone for 35years and i am counting.

I trust your spirit to return strongly to cleanse the church and return it to the call and order of salvation as we journey towards your departure, 38years on.

38 : 38 : 38.

Your are fondly missed by all and your legacy remains –  a strong soldier of Christ, a warrior, a father, a husband, a son of the soil, proud African & humanitarian and founder of the biggest African instituted church in the world – Celestial Church of Christ.

Your Grace lives on.

Adieu SBJO.

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