Why a Celestial Should not wear Black and Red Apparels


The Celestial Constitution boldly states it that it is forbidden to wear apparels made of black or red materials except for professional reasons, like the police, events, fire service and lawyers.

This injunction is today not taken seriously and been adhered to by many celestials.

All colors are created by God, but for certain reasons, God gives his children guidelines on what to do and what not to do, which are deep in insight and heavenly wisdom

A certain sister came to the church and the spirit of God told her boldly to desist from wearing black and red apparel for it doesn’t match her star or align with her creator and yet this happens to be her best colors.

Wearing of black and red apparels could be an hindrance at times unknown to us in some spheres which the enemies capitalizes on.

Let us follow what God has given us so that we can enjoy the benefits in serving him.

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