What is a Tithebox(Apoti idamewa) in celestial

What is a Tithe box??

The Tithe box is a wonderful and classic celestial expression and divine mystery

The Tithe box is a consecrated, and seperated altar vessel that is used in storing, and inputing tithes paid to God.

See Malachi 3:10
Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there will be enough food in my temple

The Tithebox is a treasure box of divine collection

The Tithebox is the tithehouse where all tithes are collected just like the storehouse

There is a correlation..

Storehouse………… Tithehouse…… Tithebox

The Tithebox has a candle on its top lited indicating the presence, awareness and eyes of God over payment of the tithes

If you put nothing, only God sees it. If you put double only God knows….

In CCC, you are given an envelope for tithe in which you put the tithes and store it in the Tithebox

The Tithe box has a small opening for putting the tithe which is symbolic for the Windows of Blessings.

God loves transparency and honest dealing with him. Whatever you sow is what you reap

The Tithebox serves the purpose of the storehouse as a Tithehouse

The Ark of God carried the presence of God, so does a Tithebox carries the Eyes of God

Ojuoluwa min wo ise re

When paying the tithe, we kneel directly towards the Tithebox and put our tithe inside

The Sidesmen carries the Tithebox carefully because it is a consecrated vessel just like an Ark of God and cannot just be handled by anyone.

When the Tithebox is carried towards the altar, lead by the Sidesmen, we all sing and prepare to kneel down.

The Tithebox is an Altar utensil and vessel used symbolic as a storehouse for all monetary tithes paid unto the lord

By Brother Tola Adele

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