Misplaced Calling :Did God truly call you to be a shepherd

Misplaced Callings is a silent killer among CCC clergy

One of the greatest mishaps in CCC is the issue of the staying at the wrong call or assuming the wrong office among its called ones to the work of God.

There is a dangerous assumption outside there that says, once you are called by God to work for him, it is to be a shepherd and build a church without confirmation, conviction and clarity of one’s call

The Yoruba will say Oba ti kin pe enia fun iya je, meaning the king that doesn’t call one to suffering, then why do many called of God suffer so much today. They are living under the permissive will of God for their lives.
God permits a thing doesnt mean it is his will for ones man.

God has a perfect will for our lives but many are living under his permissive will and are soon faded out(Kenneth Haggins)

*Many shepherds today build churches and become landlord shepherds against the will and instruction of God*

*Many Shepherds do not want to serve under someone, and want to be a boss of their own in one day*

*many do add the calling that is not of God to their ministry* the act of not taking instruction from the caller but acting in abt capacity of call. Many add the works of devil to the work of God and thus are devoid of a peaceful call but are the afflicted garment soiled shepherds.

You will find many shepherds still begging for food and fending. I often ask where is that anointing of a Shepherd that ought to make way. The anointing of Elijah provided his ends meet.

Many are not called to be Shepherds but desire and call themselves as one. Many are not prophets, but aspire and add it to their ministerial CV.

Saint SBJ Oshoffa waited for the instructions and clear directions of God for his place, calling and purpose.

He stood and understood the grounds of his calling and mission clearly

Many men of God fall because of divine call today

A prophet that ought to be in a place of grace desires soon to be a prophet wearing lace.

Kenneth hagins, a reputed and great man of God blessed and graced to be gifted in all fivefold ministry, desired so much to teach, and operate as a teacher in his call but God told him that was not his place and he listened.
He made a reference where God told him and showed him in a vision about a a fellow man of God whom was operating where God didn’t instruct him to and was soon to die because of that.

Many true calls have been misplaced.
Imagine a prophet who sees a vision of somebody being snapped and a celebrity, and tells him that he ought to be a photographer. Such a mislead soul. He ought to be the one they are snapping but ends up snapping others serving under his place of glory.

Or the one that tells a professor of economics, a lecturer to leave the job and begin to sell palm oil.

Misplaced callings have lead to ruined and wasted life. It has sent many to their grave untimely and made them suffer for nothing.

Our call is identified with our all.
Our life, our marriage, profession and all things is a component of our call.

A True call will definitely manifest for a man of God who knows who called him.

The mistake many make is that they easily forget whom called them and how, why, and what he called them for.

As a man of God, you should be able to answer the why, when, what, how, which of your calling.

This is why many fail. A true call carries an identity of an anointing of God.
The evidence and identity of a true call, is often the backing, support and authority of God.

No wonder many shepherds do not carry the anointing to feed the sheep, and many prophets do not have the anointing to see beyond the eyes.

Him who will be a Shepherd will be given a rod and staff to led the sheep.

At times, you begin to wonder if truly men of God are called by God because there is no show of divine authority and anointing in them.

*The greatest irony of the call and work of God today is that many see it as a workshop where you learn how to do spiritual works, attend to people and live in the church without a true call from God to do so* sooner they are called clergy but without a true call from God

This procedure produces shepherds without anointing and prophets that can’t procure divine solutions.

Stay where you are called and do not covet another man’s.
Everyone of us is blessed with a special and unique calling
Many youth will fall to misplaced call by relying on so much on prophets and trying to be like others and copying what others do rather than hearing from God.

*No wonder when God calls, he chooses then he glorifies meaning, he will call us, and choose where we are to serve so he can be glorified*

*If God wills and calls I be a Shepherd, not necessarily I desire it or aspire it, I will rather be a Shepherd of great anointing than a Shepherd with nothing*

When you act where God will not be glorified in your calling, you will simply be undignified, because you are not justified and gracified by God.

If you are a prophet of God, don’t go and be a Shepherd because you love it but let God lead you.
*The most funny is that several will just leave their job and means of livelihood and begin to suffer themselves, lying on the call of God*

Most men truly called of God had a thing to do before they left all to God.

Yes God will provide, but you mustn’t be lazy as a man of God. God hadn’t stopped you from doing business, going to school, learning a trade while still preparing for his call.

Even Oshoffa was a proficient carpenter, Baba Bada was a Supervisor in Guinness Nigeria, Baba Ajanlekoko was a proficient accountant, Baba Ajose an electrical man.

God will not manifest where he is not though he might be present.

Many in their call try to fit a round peg in a square hole. They desire not the place where God has fitted them but seek to fit themselves where they do not fit.

They are like using the wrong spanner for the right bolt.

God often reveals the details of our calling to us with precision, his decision and in visions, often making the necessary provisions to its fulfillment.

If you do not want to suffer in ministry, just be signed to the divine offer of God for your call.

If you desire a calling, pray to God to open the door of ministry for you not taking it into your hands.
When you call yourself, and not God, you are on your own

By Brother Tola Adele

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