Ever since the inception and origination of the celestial church and other aladura churches, so many things have been said against it that are untrue.
The white garment church is a scriptural and spiritual church.
Everything given to us is divinely ordained, scripturally contained and spiritually explained.
There is no secret hidden or covered in the church that the world cannot know about.

A. White garment churches practice the old testament

This is a very wrong notion as everything will do in white garment is rooted in the scriptures and the holy spirit.
And we are a church that follows the bible and scriptures from the beginning to the end.
We are not a church that follows one side of the bible. We are both old and new testament church, a complete biblical church.

B. That All our churches are built beside the riverside and we worship the water spirit.

This is a very wrong notion because we have churches everywhere and all over in mainlands and landlocked areas that are not even close to the river.
The case of churches been built close to the river started due to land scarcity at the onset of the church.

C. That we pray in the name of angels

We do not worship angels but we have a prayer code.
We pray in the name of the father Jehovah, the son, Jesus Christ.
The mention of Holy Michael is very scriptural as it is rooted in Daniel 10 v 13 where he fights principalities that hinders prayers.
Angels are ministering spirit.
Our worship belongs to only the father in heaven(Yahweh).

D. That there is a secret behind not wearing shoes inside the church

The removal of shoes in the church or not wearing shoes on garment is a spiritual and scriptural injunction that has meaning in the sight of God.
The church is not anyplace but an holy place desecrated to God, owned by God (Exodus 3 vs 5) (Revelations 1v15)
The walking without shoes is a form of fasting, a denial and sacrifice unto God.

E. Bowing down to images
We don’t worship or bow down images. This is against the true worship (John 4 v 24) and idolatry.
We worship the true living God of heaven, and not any image

F. That provision of food is wrong

In Genesis 18, Abraham provided food for three strangers in the guise of an angel and they prayed for him.
The provision of biscuits, food, beans and corn is a provisional intercession.
We pray over it, and God listens to prayers.
It is not a sacrifice or a ritual and those who lack spiritual insight can’t see this

G. That the white garment is not a Christian church

The basis of our faith is Jesus Christ and he is the sole owner and authority of our church.
The church is a body of Christ, owned by Christ.

I That the white garment church is fetish

Many are yet to receive understanding and revelation.
The works of Christ in healing the blind man with mud and spit would be called fetish
The tying of the bounds by prophet agabus would be called fetish
The usage of candles, oil, palm fronds are all scriptural and spiritual for the purpose of salvation.

J. That the power of the church came from marine powers

Can darkness ever be light. Darkness and light have no relationship together.
The power and authority of the church came from heaven above and no man or principality has power over the church or says the power in the church came from him.
Even marine powers, witches and wizards tremble at the feet of the church.

K. The issue of marine spirits, spiritual husbands and pastors sleeping with women at streambaths and church premises exists but not only in white garment fold though this acts are perpetrated by bad eggs which is everywhere

This are just works of bad eggs that soil the name of the church.

Yes spiritual husbands and marine spirits exists.
Everyone born came from the 7th heaven which is the throne of God but along the way to the earth, some are intercepted by such spirits in the midway of heaven and earth.
And this can be expelled with prayers and proper deliverance in the name of Jesus and not with sacrifice.
We pray and expell demons, evil spirits in the name and authority of Jesus Christ which he has given to us.
There are bad eggs and fake ones everywhere and this are made many think the white garment church is bad.
Not every pastor sleeps with women at streams and, and we don’t go to stream except for baptism exercise .

L. Beating with Broom

This injunction is very wrong and even some members of white garment are ignorant of this.
The broom is meant to gently be used to wade off spiritual cobwebs, and satanic tentacles away

Some bad eggs soil the name of the church, the wolves in sheep clothings, the herbalist in white garment but God Almighty will continue to fish them out and disgrace them.

One single bad experience from a bad egg does not mean all the church is bad.

White garment churches are good, are churches owned by christ and directed by the holy spirit.

By Brother Tola Adele

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