How a brother ate the broken coconut on the rock of michael(apata)

How a brother ate the broken coconuts on the rock of Michael(apata)

There was this brother that use to live in the church premises then, he didn’t have much, and struggled to survive one of the reasons why he lived in the church as he had no accomodation.

On this fateful day, he came back from work very hungry, broke and not having a penny with him, and no one to ask from
Then his eyes set towards the nearby rock of Michael with pieces of coconut all over.

This coconut has been used for spiritual work and then his hunger couldn’t wait, he went there, picked the coconut and finished everything.

He later told us he did, we were all wary and rebuked him on why he should do that.

A month later, this brother got an invite overseas, got a job and is blessed beyond imagination.

This story is just to let you know that God blesses and works in mysterious ways

“The ways of God are mysterious
To accomplish his works
His ways, no man can determine
Unsearchable they are.j

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